Hot headed sadistic shifter

Notable Attributes

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 14
Intelligence: 9
Health: 13
Basic Move/Speed: 6
Perception: 14 (Vision & Touch) 15 (Hearing, Smell, & Taste)

Notable Advantages & Disadvantages

Combat Reflexes
Discriminatory Hearing
Discriminatory Smell (w/ Emotion Sense)
Frightens Animals
Secret (“Werewolf”)
Weirdness Magnet

Notable Wolf Form Advantages & Disadvantages

Claws (Hands & Feet)
Damage Resistance
Very Fit
Night Vision
Sharp Teeth
Temperature Tolerance
Monstrous Appearance
Social Stigma (Monster)


Chandra is fairly uneducated, not that good with people, and somewhat prone to a temper and impulsive behavior. She’s confident in her own abilities and doesn’t like to rely on others. She travels a lot to hide her identity and views things like home and reputation as temporary because of this (for better or worse). She has no desire to meld with normal society and takes a silent (and sometimes not so silent) pride in her freakishness.

Role in the Group

Originally a hit and run thief using stealth has her main weapon, Chandra has shifted to a front line fighter as her confidence and arsenal have grown. While she still has a tendency to yell at her teammates for doing “stupid shit”, she feels a pack like bond with them which is further strengthened by her desire for money, travel, combat, and the sense of invincibility she feels with them.


Chandra started as a street kid without a family or ties to property. She liked this sense of freedom and got a rush stealing from those “higher ups” who “couldn’t stop her”. While she’s not interested in her family, she wants to learning about her shifter abilities and develop new forms. She’s also interested in learning new skills and gathering an arsenal of magic items so that no one or thing can stand in the way of whatever she wants.

  • Chandra has a tendency to curl up if laying or sleeping. It looks awkward in a human body and draws her unwanted attention so she tries to hide it.
  • Chandra enjoys animals’ innate fear of her, especially horses. She tends to purposely aggravate them even in public.
  • Chandra has a pack instinct to protect any creature that’s designated submissive to her. She hates this and tries her best to avoid such situations.
  • Chandra is left handed.


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